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Roxy Music

Roxy Music: 45th Anniversary Vinyl (Ltd Edition)


Release Date: 02/02/2018

Discs: 1

Where it all began . . .

Roxy Music’s ground-breaking debut album is expanded in an exclusive super-deluxe package featuring rare and previously unavailable material. The release is nothing short of a milestone; the first time Roxy Music’s archives have been opened, offering rare and genuinely never-heard-before material outside Roxy’s inner circle.

Roxy Music, led by the inimitable Bryan Ferry, were the first post-modern pop group; stylishly mixing culture, art, film and music into one singular, space-age cocktail. And, unlike many performers of their era, they had no past – they emerged fully formed with no visible artefacts of dalliances with beat or hippydom; here they were, as if beamed from another planet with their love songs about the golden age of Hollywood, cars and the Battle of Britain.

Side 1

1. Re-Make/Re-Model
2. Ladytron
3. If There Is Something
4. 2HB

Side 2

1. The Bob (Medley)
2. Chance Meeting
3. Would You Believe?
4. Sea Breezes
5. Bitters End