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Roxy Music

Roxy Music: 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition

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Release Date: 02/02/2018

Discs: 4

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Where it all began . . . 

Roxy Music’s ground-breaking debut album is expanded in an exclusive super-deluxe package featuring rare and previously unavailable material. The release is nothing short of a milestone; the first time Roxy Music’s archives have been opened, offering rare and genuinely never-heard-before material outside Roxy’s inner circle.

Roxy Music, led by the inimitable Bryan Ferry, were the first post-modern pop group; stylishly mixing culture, art, film and music into one singular, space-age cocktail. And, unlike many performers of their era, they had no past – they emerged fully formed with no visible artefacts of dalliances with beat or hippydom; here they were, as if beamed from another planet with their love songs about the golden age of Hollywood, cars and the Battle of Britain.

45 years later, with the group’s involvement, we get an opportunity to fully assess the album, and most importantly, listen as Roxy evolved and developed. The box set provides a thrilling capture of Roxy Music in 1971/1972. Hear the demo tape that caught the attention of writer Richard Williams that ultimately led to their deal with EG Management and then Island Records. Listen to the BBC Sessions which saw the group hone their craft. Enjoy something very special indeed with unheard glimpses into their working methods in the studio – prepared exclusively by Bryan Ferry and producer Rhett Davies, alternate session versions have been put forward for every album track, plus Virginia Plain. The original album is presented in the 1999 Bob Ludwig master, while the reminder of the audio has been mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road.

The DVD includes promos and BBC TV appearances as well rare footage of Roxy at the Bataclan Club in Paris in November 1972, the only surviving capture of them live on stage. To round the audio/visual elements of the set off, lifetime admirer Steven Wilson has mixed the album into 5.1 DTS 96/24 and Dolby AC3 Sound.

Seven years in the making, the box set also contains a 136 page book printed on hi-gloss170gsm paper curated by Bryan Ferry, containing many rare and previously unpublished photographs, an essay by aforementioned Guardian journalist and author Richard Williams, the man who first wrote about the group in Melody Maker in 1971 .


1. Re-Make/Re-Model
2. Ladytron
3. If There Is Something
4. Virginia Plain
5. 2 H.B.
6. The Bob (Medley)
7. Chance Meeting
8. Would You Believe?
9. Sea Breezes
10. Bitters End


EARLY DEMOS April/May 71

1. Ladytron
2. 2 HB
3. Chance Meeting
4. The Bob (Medley)


5. Instrumental
6. Re-Make/Re-Model
7. Ladytron
8. If There Is Something
9. 2 H.B.
10. The Bob (Medley)
11. Chance Meeting
12. Sea Breezes
13. Bitters End
14. Virginia Plain



1. If There Is Something
2. The Bob (Medley)
3. Would You Believe?
4. Sea Breezes
5. Re-Make/Re-Model


6. 2 HB
7. Ladytron
8. Chance Meeting


9. Virginia Plain
10. If There Is Something


11. The Bob (Medley)
12. Sea Breezes
13. Virginia Plain
14. Chance Meeting
15. Re-Make/Re-Model

DVD - The full album remixed in 5.1 by Steven Wilson


1. Re-Make/Re-Model - The Royal College Of Art, 6/6/72
2. Ladytron - The Old Grey Whistle Test, 20/6/72
3. Virginia Plain - Top Of The Pops, 24/8/72
4. Re-Make/Re-Model - Full House, 25/11/72
5. Ladytron - Full House, 25/11/72
6. Would You Believe - French TV, Bataclan, Paris, 26/11/72
7. If There Is Something - French TV, Bataclan, Paris, 26/11/72
8. Sea Breezes - French TV, Bataclan, Paris, 26/11/72
9. Virginia Plain - French TV, Bataclan, Paris, 26/11/72